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Remote e-detailing is currently being piloted by many pharmaceutical companies. This new marketing channel can increase efficiency, productivity, frequency and reach. As remote-detailing is relatively new, both for prescribers and for the pharma marketing and sales team, it poses challenges as well. This guide provides 26 tips on technology, story-line, meeting structure, preparation and training to help pharma marketers and sales reps. 

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Shaman is the most intuitive edetailing platform to achieve your pharma marketing goals, empower your sales team, and delight your customers.

A great guide with 26 tips how to increase remote engagement, HCP reach and frequency 

Shaman is trusted by many pharma companies

Shaman is trusted by many pharma companies

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Shaman's remote edetailing platform is specifically designed for pharma. It allows to present approved content only, offers an editor to make your content interactive and easy to navigate, and most importantly doesn't need a plugin.

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