The success of your sales efforts largely relies on the quality, relevance and deliverability of your CLM
content. The right Content Authoring Solution (CAS) can have a profound impact on the content your produce - and your organisation's success.

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The drawbacks of your current content creation strategy

Step-by-step criteria to pick the right authoring tool

The numerous organisational benefts of switching

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Choosing The Right 
Veeva Authoring Tool

ShamanGo is the leading sales content platform for Veeva with eDetailing, Email, Omnichannel and Sales Execution capabilities. Our no-code, do-it-yourself experience helps Life Science companies to get the right content in front of their customers, increase Veeva adoption, and boost marketing omnichannel performance.

Discover how to transform your content production workfows for Veeva by picking the right authoring tool.

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The shift from outsourcing content production to the
right authoring platform transformed how Novartis
prepares Veeva content.

Laurent Dupuy
Global IT Program Manager at Novartis

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